how to keep birds away from porch

How To Keep Birds Away From Porch

Who knew our feather birds could be such a nuisance? I have several bird feeders in my yard outside the porch. Tactically I have placed them outside so that I can protect them from disturbance and hear the birds moving in the yard and their chirping. Even then the annoying thing is that they sometimes get very dirty on the porch. So today we will discuss how to keep birds away from porch.

It is not only ugly to see the filth of birds, but it is also difficult to clean our decks and verandas. Also what if a bird nests in a corner of your porch? This is definitely not the ideal look for your fixtures. However, the birds dig into the fact that your porch light provides warmth for their eggs and has plenty of support to keep their nest well. But with bird feathers, stalks, and bird droppings, it can be quite a mess for your porch. The following tips from our experts will help the birds to nest and move elsewhere

Six ways to how keep birds away from porch

1. Place a rough object on top of the light

Place a rough object on a light fixture so that the surface is no longer flat. Birds need a flat surface to live in and this simple change means your porch light will no longer be an ideal nesting place for them. Then the birds will go elsewhere.

2. Hang a plastic owl near the porch light

Working under the same logic as a scarecrow in a field, if you hang a plastic owl somewhere near your light, the birds may be frightened away from your porch. Keep in mind that in order to successfully maneuver the bird, you must be committed to the charade and often turn the owl around in order to create the illusion that it is a real predator living in the area.

If you don’t remove the plastic owl, the birds will eventually discover that it is actually fake and harmless, and they will continue to nest in the light of your porch without fear.

3. Hang the wind chime over the light

Hang a set of wind chimes on top of your porch light fixtures to prevent the bird from reaching the porch light. Both the presence of physical disabilities and the sound of wind chimes can prevent birds from settling in one place.

4. Do not feed the birds

Stop feeding the birds. You can enjoy feeding the birds bread and seeds, but this is a clear reason why the birds are flocking to your porch. If you stop feeding them, the birds may eventually stop coming around you and nest on your porch, and the light fixtures will seem less and less attractive.

5. Install suitable bird spikes

Bird spikes are very effective if you want to keep birds away from your porch lights. Place bird spikes on top of your light fixtures. Birds will never come to rest on them again, but be careful what kind of bird you want to avoid.

For example, if bird spikes are intended for larger birds, smaller birds will continue to come and the spikes will not be able to stop them. Make sure you purchase the appropriate size and function spike. Make sure the website or store you are buying from offers a spike size that will actually meet your specific needs.

6. Guard the lights with the cat

Cats are the biggest enemy of birds. To protect your light from birds, you can keep one or two cats on the porch to help them. If your bird problem is really consistent, a cat will soon notice and act as a living safety measure.

Final Words

This point is a summary of all the ideas discussed above. The bird is attracted to your porch for some reason and it is your job to spot it and get rid of it quickly. If you keep feeding the birds, you are exacerbating your problem. Stop this habit and send the birds away in a humane way that will not kill or harm them.

Before how to keep birds away from porch, keep in mind that some birds, such as woodpeckers, are protected by federal law. You will be fined for the unjust death of a bird on your property. Just the right hack and a little patience will stop the birds from throwing a celebrity on your porch. The dropping will end soon and your door will be quiet and defecation-free.